Writing ads by day, books and scripts by night.


Australian born, French spoken, Morris Minor driven. Multi-award winner with robust background in TV commercials, print advertising and web. Co-founder in 2000 of The Foreign Legion, successful advertising consultancy. His highly acclaimed TV campaign for IBM ran worldwide. Awards in the UK, USA, France, ...

Shorts #1.

CLICK to watch "Global Impact" 60-second TV. Philip cut his teeth on award-winning spots like this IBM ad directed by Joe Pytka.  


AWWWARDS Site of the Day, Invictus by Paco Rabanne GOLD Golden Stylus, State Rail BEST Sydney Radio Writers Award, TDK SILVER Silver Stylus, TDK FINALIST Golden Stylus, TDK FINALIST AWARD (Australian Writers & Art Directors) Copywriting, New Zealand Tourism BEST CAXTON, Peugeot FINALIST CAXTON -New Zealand Tourism-IKEA-Office of Youth Affairs BEST FACTS, TDK HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, FACTS, TDK SILVER PENCIL Copywriting, ...


Benefiting from healthy commercial budgets, Philip has worked as writer with some high profile directors including: ALEX PROYAS ("I, Robot", "Knowing") for TDK, and JOE PYTKA ("Space Jam", "Michael Jackson: HIStory") for IBM.


IRONS IN THE FIRE... >6 episode TV series concept initially pitched to Red Planet Pictures UK; historical fiction tracing the rise of a Chinese immigrant to fame and fortune despite prevailing prejudices in 19th century Australia. >45 minute radio drama submitted to BBC; historical fiction set in America's South in 1907 about ...


My pet theme is otherness. I am fascinated by stories from history that shine a light on issues of discrimination and intolerance. The individuals who rise above this are an enduring source of inspiration.

Shorts #2.

CLICK to watch "Culture Shock" 60-second IBM TV

Shorts #3.

CLICK to watch "The Secret" 60-second IBM TV

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